Galaware Consulting LLC

About Robert Galante

In 1983 I bought my first personal computer. It was an IBM PC with 256k of RAM and two floppy disk drives. I upgraded it to 512k RAM and a 10M hard disk. I learned how to program with BASIC, Turbo C, and then 8088 assembly language. From there my career took off.

The first half of my career was spent as a software engineer where I developed control and data acquisition systems for various companies. I spent 7.5 years at Texas Instruments in Hunt Valley, MD and worked on several large projects in the water, oil and gas industries. As a member of a team, one of our products was patented, and our names were placed on the patents.

In 2000 I jumped on the Microsoft .Net software technology, learning Visual Basic.Net before Visual Studio .Net was created. I even created my own simple Visual Studio environment. Shortly afterwards, I got certified as a MCAD and then a MCPD. I've been building distribution applications ever since.

In 2005 I created Galaware Consulting LLC. Here I work as a software engineer, developing selection systems for industrial refrigeration and cooling tower companies and other interesting project with several different clients. I use LAMP technology and Microsoft .Net software technologies in these applications. And I use SQL Server and mySql as backend data stores.

In 2010 I started working with the Unity 3D development environment, developing games and other applications for the browser and mobile device markets. This line of business keeps things interesting, and gives me an opportunity to try different tools and learn something new.