Cyber-Anatomy Corporation

Cyber-Science 3D is a suite of interactive 3D software in the areas of biology, human anatomy, zoology, micro-biology, and chemistry that allows the user to explore, control, and manipulate virtual 3D models. Cyber-Science 3D is one of several products that Cyber Anatomy licenses to users. Used by students, instructors, and researchers, it is available for download to your computer or for licensing by institutions. This high end product can be visualized in regular 3D and stereoscopic 3D with objects floating in 3D space.

Phase 1 - May 2012
Design and develop an application interface and database backend which will be used by the Cyber-Science 3D application to read and write content to the Amazon S3 cloud platform. Integrate authentication and authorization into the application.
Unity3D, C#, JSON
Amazon ELB, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, PHP
Server DAL